Arthur Crestani


(b.1991, lives and works in Paris, France)

Arthur Crestani’s photographic work engages with the social, political and aesthetic dimensions of urbanization in France and in India. Stemming from a reading of cities as spectacles, his projects interrogate the visual making of urban spaces. They are developed in reaction to the social, economic and political climates of Paris and Delhi, the two cities he has lived in. Of particular interest to him is the way ambitions, fantasies and utopias project themselves onto the living environment. Having initially worked with digital photography, he has been exclusively using analogue cameras since 2017 for his personal work. He is currently working on Spéculaires, a long-term project investigating the department of Seine Saint-Denis, in the North of Paris, in the build-up to the 2024 Paris Olympics. His work has been exhibited in France, in Germany and in China.