Chamba Rumal


Chamba Rumal is a narrative art-form from the hill state of Himanchal Pradesh, India. Comprising of embroidered handkerchiefs that go back to the Chamba kingdom in the 17th century, the art was inspired from the Pahari school of miniature painting and flourished as a collaboration between embroiderers that consist of women working alongside miniature painters. This art was revived by the Delhi Craft Council in 1996. The rumals (handkerchiefs) presented in the exhibition were made over a twenty-month collaboration between miniature artists and embroiderers at CHARU, the Delhi Craft Council’s Centre in Chamba, and designer Swati Kalsi. The embroiderers include Masto Devi, Tulsi Devi, Uma Devi, Jyoti Bala, Bindu Devi, Pushpa Devi, Pooja, Nagina, Garima, alongside painters Mohan Prajapat and Shhilpaguru Babulal Maroitia.