Jangarh Singh Shyam


Jangarh Singh Shyam (1962 – 2001) belonged to the Gond community of Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh. His works reflect the vision of tribal art practices that have been passed on from generations. In 1985, he won the Shikhar Samman, the highest honour in Madhya Pradesh for an artist. In 1990, he painted the main dome of Bharat Bhawan in Bhopal that depicted the Gond Deity, Baradeo. Jangarh was invited to Paris for a show at the famous Pompidou Centre. He also travelled to the US, the UK and other countries to exhibit his works. He was one of the five artists selected to be part of an arts program called the ‘Other Masters’ at the Crafts Museum, New Delhi. Like many folk artists from India, he was also invited to work at the Mithila Museum, Japan, which resulted in a body of work that is now in the collection of the museum.