Ladhki Devi


Ladhki Devi (b.1955) is based in Sakhre in Maharashtra, India, and is a practitioner of Warli art. Now in her late sixties, she makes ‘chauks’ – auspicious squares made of rice-flour paste with goddesses and gods depicted within them. It is an art she had observed closely since her youth from her mother and grandmother, who were both ‘suvasini’s, a title given to married women who help conduct wedding rituals. Devi is also the mother and teacher of the accomplished Warli practitioner Rajesh Chaitya Vangad, a collaborator of Gauri Gill since 2013. For Gill’s exhibition ‘Sheher Prakriti Devi’, Devi was invited to make work outside the context of the village as a fellow practitioner of contemporary art.