Rajesh Vangad


Rajesh Vangad (b.1975) was born and lives in Ganjad in Maharashtra, India. He is a bearer of the Warli style of painting, which is a traditional form of painting belonging to the indigenous people of Warli. He has painted notable murals at the Craft Museum in New Delhi, the Homi Bhaba Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, and the T2 Terminal at the International Airport in Mumbai. His work has been exhibited across India and internationally in the UK, Spain and Japan. Vangad has published three books: ‘My Gandhi Story’ published by Tulika Books, ‘Kabir Saamagri’ as part of the Kabir Project, and ‘The Indian Crafts Journey’, as well as a map of Maharashtra by Dastkaar Haat Samiti. Since 2013, Vangad has worked in collaboration with the photographer Gauri Gill for their collaborative series titled ‘Fields of Sight’. Over Gill’s photographs of the coastal region of Ganjad and nearby Dahanu villages, Vangad executed drawings in the Warli idiom, bringing local botanical life, myths, community rituals and oral history in contact with the photograph’s narrative of urbanisation, industrialisation and ecological despair.