Sheba Chhachhi


Sheba Chhachhi (b. 1958) is an artist, photographer and thinker based in New Delhi, India. Her practice investigates questions of gender, eco-philosophy, violence and visual cultures, with an emphasis on the recuperation of cultural memory. An activist/photographer in the women’s movement in the 1980s, Chhachhi is known for creating intimate, sensorial encounters through large-scale multimedia installations. She has exhibited widely over the years, including the Gwangju, Taipei, Moscow, Singapore and Havana biennales. Her works are part of significant public and private collections including the Tate Modern (London), Kiran Nadar Museum (Delhi), Bose Pacia (New York), Singapore Art Museum (Singapore), Devi Art Foundation (Delhi), National Gallery of Modern Art (Delhi) and the Ishara Art Foundation and the Prabhakar Collection (Dubai). Chhachhi speaks, writes and teaches in both institutional and non-formal contexts.