Vinnie Gill


Vinnie Gill (b. 1946) was born in Jhansi and lives in Delhi, India. Her interest in nature was first kindled as a child in her grandparents’ cottage in their Garden House in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. During her subsequent studies in Shimla and Dalhousie, she took a keen interest in the art classes and drew obsessively in her textbooks. This led to a lifelong practice of creating diaries comprising of drawings of trees, flowers, birds and animals, mountains, rivers, old tombs and occasionally spiritual iconography. Having learned the fundamentals of drawing and painting in school and college, she later experimented on her own with different mixed media techniques including pastels, Chinese pigment paints, Rotring pens, watercolours, acrylics and oil paints, slowly developing her own style of work. On her travels she would take along a sketchpad, sheets of rice paper, or handmade paper along with pencils, pens and colours to record her journeys visually. Although she has not exhibited formally, her diary and study at home have provided a place of refuge and solace in times of grief and upheaval, and remain a consistent practice for over six decades shared only with an intimate circle of family and friends. Her works were exhibited as part of Gauri Gill’s exhibition ‘Sheher, Prakriti, Devi’ at Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, Mumbai (2021).