Ishara Outreach features information on virtual tours, educational initiatives, guest lectures, discussions, and film screenings organised by Ishara in collaboration with museums, universities and organisations in the UAE and around the world.
Recordings features videos of past events and programmes organised by Ishara and its collaborating partners

Unmaking Archives

Guest lecture by Sabih Ahmed hosted by Prof. Katia Arfara at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)

Guest Lectures and Artist Conversation with Amar Kanwar

A series of guest lectures led by Sabih Ahmed and artist coversations with Amar Kanwar as an extension of Ishara Art Foundation’s exhibition ‘Such A Morning – Amar Kanwar’.

Temporary Spaces | Exchanges in Art, Architecture and Photography in the UAE, South Asia and Beyond

A symposium that brings together artists, architects, filmmakers, photographers and scholars to discuss critical perspectives on shared histories between South Asia, the Gulf and the wider region.