Senjuti Mukherjee


Having trained in Comparative Literature and Art History and with an enthusiasm for visual and material cultures, Senjuti (b. 1990, based in New Delhi) has worked as an archivist, researcher, writer and editor for over nine years. In her archival work, she has been involved with organisations such as Osian’s Connoisseurs of Art, Eka Cultural Resources and Delhi Art Gallery. One of her most recent archival projects was to build Nemai Ghosh’s photographic archive at Delhi Art Gallery. Recently, she was the commissioning editor and project manager for Serendipity Arts Foundation’s long-form critical writing publication series titled ‘Projects/ Processes’. Currently, she is the editor for ASAP (Alternative South Asia Photography), a platform publishing pedagogical conversations on the political and cultural aspects of photography and film.

Her research is, at present, focussed on moments of technological and economic rupture and its impact on labour relations within the film industry. Part of her ongoing primary research on Chennai’s former film studios and laboratories was published in Sahapedia.