Sultana Zana


Sultana Zana (They/Them) (b. 1992, based in Bangalore, Goa and in the internet) graduated as an electronics engineer and nanotechnology researcher. They went on to study media arts at Srishti Institute of Art design and Technology in Bangalore, India. 

They co-founded the collective NOTAAT with Puneet Jain and are part of the team running Walkin Studios. Their non-human collaborators have included, and are not limited to, mycelium, mushrooms, trees and insects. New developments in media technology, network theory and ecological research shape their work.

Sultana is interested in looking at the relationships between phenomena at different scales. Fine grain observations of chaos and predictability, life and emergence. Currently, they are experimenting with chaos and fractal dimensions in sound, using 3-D sound as a mode to create space in the mind of the audience.